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LR Berger

Posted by Justin Norman
LR Berger

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Robin Wildman blog image 4-25-16

Kingian Nonviolence Educator Institute with Robin Wildman

by Ryan Hall // Campaign Nonviolence

Last month we held a Campaign Nonviolence Conference call to organize and prepare for the Week of Nonviolent Actions, September 18-25, 2016.  On the call we heard from teacher and nonviolence trainer Robin Wildman who has helped implement nonviolence education … read more

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Earth Day 2016

On Earth Day, Commit to the Great Turning

by Ryan Hall // Campaign Nonviolence

by Rivera Sun
Viewing the destruction of the planet and our natural systems as a form of violence, Campaign Nonviolence – a long-term movement to build a culture of nonviolence – engages people across the country in working toward sustainability, renewable energy, reducing meat consumption, supporting local food, and many other practices of living nonviolently on this beautiful Earth. read more

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Church turn toward nonviolence by John Dear

The Church’s Turn Toward Nonviolence

by Ryan Hall // Pace e Bene

By Rev. John Dear
For its first three centuries, Christianity required the practice of active nonviolence as taught by Jesus. The early Christians refused to serve the Roman Empire or kill in its wars, and so they were routinely arrested and killed. read more

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