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Campaign Nonviolence National Conference Call-August 2015

Posted by Ryan Hall

On August 27th, we held our latest national conference call to prepare and organize for the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions September 20-27 and to share news about this growing movement.  Below you will find the notes from the Thursday call.  Next conference call September 17th  5pm/Pacific 8pm Eastern. RSVP HERE!

Campaign Nonviolence National Organizing Conference Call
August 27, 2015, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern (60 minutes)

Listen to the call here.


Facilitator: Kit Evans-Ford
Maestro coordinator: Ryan Hall
Notetaker: Ryan Hall

Introduction (5 min.):

  • Welcome (Kit Evans-Ford)
  • Centering (Veronica Pelicaric)
    • We were not created to live in fear, rather we were created to live in peace and love with ourselves, with one another, with the whole human race and with God. There is no quick right to fearlessness. It is a lifelong journey that requires discipline, community, prayer, simplified lifestyle, selfless love and a compassionate heart towards oneself and humanity.  – John Dear on Peace
  • Roll Call (Ryan Hall): Ryan read the current list of folks on the call.

CNV Updates (15 min.):

  • Campaign Nonviolence Conference Report and Actions(John Dear – 5 min)
    • We had an amazing conference in Santa Fe as well as powerful peace vigils in Los Alamos.  If you didn’t make it, watch it on YouTube here. You can hear Rev. Jim Lawson, Erica Chenoweth, Roshi Joan Halifax, Medea Benjamin, Kathy Kelly and more!  John hopes we can find someone to transcribe it as well.  Jim Lawson said during the conference that we have to be strategic with our actions.  He also said we must invite people one on one.   Think about what would help in your community, include people of color, have more women speak.  Don’t do activism for activism’s sake.  
    • John remembered on the call Amelia Boynton Robinson, one of the civil rights leaders in Selma who passed away recently.
    • John also shared that he recently was visiting with Pres. Jimmy Carter where he shared CNV with him.  Carter immediately knew what we were trying to do with CNV.  
    • John encouraged everyone to organize one or two events.  See Action ideas here.
  • CNV Action Count and Highlights, Post Action Reports (Ryan Hall – 5 min.)
    • We have over 200 actions listed now in all 50 states.  Ryan listed a number of actions that are happening around the country like those in Boise and Raleigh where they are doing week long events.  He said there are 6 different actions around the country for drone protests, a variety of interfaith gatherings, Challenges to the ROTC program, March to end gun violence in Wilmington, DE.  Many events in DC, like a direct action at the White House and occupying congressional offices, Various films on nonviolence are being shown, Bangor Maine is doing a rally throughout the city with 40 different groups coming together, prayers for peace at Kirkland AFB, and many events in Philadelphia around the Pope’s visit.
    • Ryan also reminded folks to be sure to post your event pictures and stories after your event happens so we can share that info on our site and facebook.   You can find that link to share your POST event details here.
  • Media Outreach for the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions (Ken Butigan – 5 min.)

Large Group Discussion (35 min.): (Ryan Hall facilitate)

Action plans and ideas from organizers across the nation for Campaign Nonviolence Week Sept 20-27, 2015

  • Bonnie in Connecticut: They will be walking a Labyrinth for peace.  
  • Caroline Stevenson in Arkansas:  They are having a whole week of events, which can be seen at  Libraries are involved, and there will be vigils and festivals. They are also hosting an African American preacher at the Episcopal church and are also going to have a preacher at their church in November.  
  • Anna Durrett in Carbondale,IL: They have a number of events planned.  A forum on prison reform, a film about GMOs, a rally on campus.  She is also looking for folks to join together for a sisters city.  
  • Wally Inglis in Hawaii:  They have a peace vigil at the federal building in Hilo as well as a day long nonviolence training.  He hopes to bring some of what he learned at the CNV Conference in Santa Fe. They also have a peace farm where local Hawaiian kids live where they are trying to connect with kids in Gaza.  
  • Elizabeth in Tennessee: They will have a mariachi band during a march to protest Trump and Santorum’s stance on immigration.  They are also still working on actions around Nashville including a movie on San Salvador. They are also working on a teach-in to talk about nonviolence and what it means to them in their local communities.  They will also be having a large concert on labor in October.  
  • Monica Juma in Tennessee:  They are still finishing details, but they are planning an interfaith vigil at the civil rights museum where MLK was assassinated.  They will also do a peace potluck to break a fast from violence. They will also have a lunch discussions on racial reconciliation and prison reform.  They will also be delivering meals with meals on wheels and o the following weekend they will take part in the Frasier black party for peace.
  • Christy Iverson in California:  She is involved with Multifaith voices for peace, but their group will probably be involved indirectly this year. With her church they will be involved with the Compassion Games.  She will also be involved in many of the other Bay Area events as well.  
  • LaVern Olberding in California:  They will be having an international peace gathering where youth have a lead in sharing about their faith traditions as well as their concerns in the world.  They also have two deaf communities involved. They are also holding an interfaith Equinox peace ritual.  
  • Ken Butigan in Illinois with Pace e Bene Staff reminded people to be sure to post your event details, which can be done here.  He also mentioned that this time last year we only had about 125 events and we already have over 200 today, plus many more events tend to come in within the two weeks prior to the CNV Week of Actions. Ken also encouraged people to let us know about any other groups who might be connected to various peace week events.  We can then list them on our site as well to help promote them.
  • Lisa Hlass in Arkansas:  She said she is trying to get peace partnerships with churches around the state and said that by doing one-on-one’s was much more helpful than just doing emails.  
  • Dennis Lintz in New Hampshire:  He will be hosting an event on the beach in front of a webcam for all to see online.  See his event posted here.
  • Ryan Hall mentioned that we are also involved with Peace Day Philly.  They are posting some of our actions and we’re posting theirs, since many of our events are related.
  • Linda in Massachusetts:  She mentioned an event with Beyond Extreme Energy and a fast.  See that event here.

Closing–Campaign Nonviolence Pledge (Veronica)

Sign the pledge if you haven’t done so yet.

Next conference call September 17th  5pm/Pacific 8pm Eastern. RSVP HERE

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