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Campaign Nonviolence National Conference Call July 2016

Posted by Ryan Hall

On July 26, 2016 we held our latest Campaign Nonviolence Conference Call. On the call we heard from CNV Action Organizers from across the country planning events during the CNV Week of Actions September 18-25, 2016.  Listen to the audio or read the notes below.  You can also RSVP to join us for the next CNV Conference Call on August 30th where our guest speaker will be Rev. James Lawson, a well known strategist of the civil rights movement who spoke at last year’s CNV Conference in Santa Fe. RSVP HERE!

Campaign Nonviolence National Conference Call
Tuesday July 26th

Listen to the audio here:

Welcome – Ryan Hall/Rivera Sun
Opening – Veronica Pelicaric

  • “If we wish to create a society in which people really shape their own lives and futures and in which oppression is impossible, then we need to explore alternative ways  to meet the society’s basic need for means of wielding power. We also need to explore the origins of political power at a much more basic level.”   -From Waging Nonviolent Struggles by Gene Sharp

Roll Call – Ryan Hall read the list of people who were on the call and where they were calling in from.   60 People registered to join this call.

CNV in 2016Rivera Sun

  • Welcome to CNV, our goals, overview of agenda tonight.  
    • CNV is a long term movement to mainstream nonviolence free from war, poverty racism and environmental destruction. We work in all 50 states and 17 other countries.  We’re working year around in our communities to bring the tools of nonviolence where we are able to.  We’re looking at physical, social, emotional, economical and all kinds of violence to find ways of healing through nonviolence.  
    • In the past we’ve had on some spectacular speakers about ways to bring nonviolence into the mainstream, but tonight we want to hear from you and what plans you’ve got for the CNV Week of Actions.
  • Ryan Hall provided an overview of the 2016 Week of Actions Sept 18-25th  – Ryan said that last year we were at 141 confirmed actions and we still needed two states.  Currently we have 257 actions confirmed and we have all 50 states plus 17 Countries confirmed.  Our goal is to get 500 actions this year and we’ve got several organizers calling and contacting people to get confirmed actions, including Kit Evans-Ford and Sr. Janet Ryan.  Ryan also provided a brief overview of some of the various actions being planned that are listed on our website.  
  • Rivera suggested that if you know of other individuals or groups that might enjoy holding an action in September but don’t have anything planned, let them know about it.  If you want us to reach out to them just email us their info at  
  • Rivera also mentioned that World Beyond War, is holding a conference in DC.  They are also calling for solidarity actions  in collaboration with CNV on Sept 25 in support of the conference and to end war.  Also, Veterans for Peace is issuing a nationwide call to action  in collaboration with CNV.
  • If you haven’t listed your action yet, you can let us know here or submit you action details here.
  • Ken Butigan spoke about the Nonviolent Cities Project we’re working on with CNV this year.  The idea sprung from Nonviolent Carbondale and it asks you to imagine what a nonviolent city in your community might look like.  Ken said that close to 35 cities are exploring this option right now.  He also mentioned our latest project to identify 1000 Nonviolence Trainings through our Nonviolence Training Hub here.  If you’ve got a training happening you can list it there or just let us know and we’ll get it added.

CNV organizers stories – Ryan Hall/Rivera Sun facilitate

  • Monique in Albuquerque, NM:  She is a member of Veterans for Peace and a secretary for the local chapter.  They will be doing some actions during the CNV Week.  She is looking to work with anyone in the local area to help plan an action.   Rivera mentioned that she can help get Monique connected to other New Mexico folks.  Sharon Halsey-Hoover mentioned that they will be holding a nonviolence training in ABQ at the peace and justice center with Rivera, and on the 21st they have a speaker talking about Gandhi’s salt march and what people in ABQ can do in some similar fashion.
  • Bob Estes in Arkansas:   Bob said they have a coalition with a number of groups in the Little Rock area. They have an interfaith meal at the Islamic Center,, a lecture around an art exhibit called War Toys.  They have their second annual peace fest with music and booths from local organizations. Bob said they have many great organizations promoting their issues but there isn’t a good way to bring them all together so this is what they are trying to do.  Ryan mentioned that Bob is doing exactly what CNV is all about by connecting the dots.
  • Bonnie Wasniewski in Scottsdale, AZ:   They have a goal of bringing in more youth to peace and nonviolence.  On 9/21 they are doing dances of universal peace, then they are doing an aerial photo with all participants spelling out the word MERCY.   They also have a musician to lead them in a song and they have a procession through a walkway of peace with students and children.  They also will be asking the students to take pictures of acts of kindness and peace that they will line the walkway with.  They will then be giving a peace award that evening. The next day they have a nonviolence training called compassionate communications. 
  • Linda Bessom in Massachusetts:  Linda asked about how they can they engage a new elementary school during the week to involve each class on nonviolence.  She also wondered if there is a context statement about nonviolence  that they could highlight in whatever gathering they have.   Rivera suggested she get in touch with Robin Wildman in Rhode Island.  She also suggested the CNV Pledge as something that can be read before events or as a preamble for nonviolence.   She also suggested that in schools some have honored a nonviolent hero as someone to learn more about. Rivera also said that there was a class in Chicago that walked out of school for a peace march and may schools have done tabling on “what is peace”.  The folks in Little Rock have done public murals as well.  
  • Sally Ann Brickner in Wisconsin:  They are holding a Racial Justice Workshop in Fond du Lac at Marian University.  They’re also working with the local police chief and chamber of commerce ahead of the workshop. Sally said that Wisconsin is the worst state to have a great disparity between minorities and the white population.  A week later they will be holding an event in Green Bay with Sr. Diane Bergant, a Scripture scholar, who will address Pope Francis encyclical on the environment.  Marian University will also have a speaker on Sept 21 on peacemaking.
  • Drew Glover in Santa Cruz, CA:  He works with the Resource Center for Nonviolence and will be holding a social media campaign called “I Practice Nonviolence”   It encourages people to write about how they practice nonviolence and tag it on Twitter with the hashtag #IPracticeNonviolence.  The goal is to get more people to show and influence other people to practice nonviolence more actively.
  • Sue Woodling in North Carolina:   She said this is their second year doing the Week of Actions.  They have a variety of groups participating this year and are finding great ways to work together.  They are starting a week long series of events with a prayer service, then they have a middle east book group, they have a workshop on Islamophobia and racism, on the Int’l day of peace they will be holding a vigil downtown Raleigh with a press conference with the ED of the NC council of churches.  They also will be showing a movie called Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives, they are meeting with Jewish voices for peace and meeting with college students at the Lutheran church.  They will also have a talk by Witness for Peace, and then they have an interfaith prayers for nonviolence event followed by a peacemaker award dinner.  At the end of the week they will have a festival on peacemaking with two workshops on racism and war on society.  They also have a leader with Alternatives to Violence to talk about their work in the prison systems.  Their local Hindu group will be doing a silent walk for values specifically on values of truth, love, right conduct, peace and nonviolence.  This year they will also put the pledge for nonviolence on business cards to pass out and allow people to keep it with them at all times.  They also asked mayors in 14 different cities to proclaim peace.  The Moral Monday’s group will also be holding an event.  They have also renamed themselves Campaign Nonviolence North Carolina.  
  • Wendy Clarissa Geiger in Jacksonville, FL: They are having an event on 9/21 with singing etc.  She also asked about what we are doing around white men and the suicides happening.
  • Rosemary Doyle in Michigan:  She is with Citizens for Peace where they developed a resource on peacebuilding nonviolence materials.  Their website is located at and their bibliography on nonviolence materials is published at

Wrap-up – Rivera Sun

  • Rivera said that taking action matters!  Thank you for all those planning events and thank you to all those who’ve donated recently to help us grow this movement.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 30th, 8pm ET/5pm PT, Rev. James Lawson is our guest speaker. RSVP HERE FOR THE AUGUST 30th CALL!

Closing – Veronica Pelicaric reads CNV Pledge

Thank you to everyone on the call and to the thousand ways you contribute to this movement to build a culture of nonviolence. – PeB staff.

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