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Pursuing That Vision of Nonviolence

Posted by John Dear

We at Pace e Bene recently mailed our quarterly appeal to supporters and regular donors. Below is the letter John Dear wrote asking for your support for our work to promote and build the movement for peace and nonviolence.

By Rev. John Dear

These may be the most difficult days of our lives. As the Trump Administration spreads fear, racism, greed, and violence, we want to continue to spread the vision and hope of nonviolence. That means, none of us can give in to despair, numbness or fear. We have to carry on, and pursue that vision of nonviolence.

Like so many, I’m shocked by the daily news reports – the President’s plan to build a wall, expel millions of immigrants, register Muslims, increase racism and Islamophobia, turn away refugees, cut regulations, give corporations free reign, shut down healthcare, cut education funding, deny climate change, abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, drill for oil in our parks, build up our military, start new wars, and possibly use nuclear weapons.

But millions of people have taken to the streets and widespread resistance grows daily. Many are waking up, speaking out, demanding justice and democracy, and joining the movement.

With so much at stake our work unleashing nonviolence is needed more than ever.

At Pace e Bene we believe that active nonviolence is the only way forward, that it remains our best hope, that it is the best way to resist and transform our culture, as well as maintain our sanity and humanity.

For us, active nonviolence is organized love mobilized among the grassroots through creative, strategic, public action in pursuit of disarmament and justice for a new culture of peace. It is a new way of life, a spiritual path, but also a methodology of peaceful resistance and truth-telling for societal transformation, as Gandhi, Dr. King and so many others have demonstrated.

For years, Pace e Bene has been teaching, training, organizing, and promoting this way of active nonviolence.  Now, in this time of challenge and opportunity, we are doing our part to awaken as many people as possible to build a grassroots movement of nonviolence for a new culture of peace in three crucial ways:

  • Nonviolent Action. This September 16-24 we’ll organize our fourth annual Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions. We are planning for 1000 nonviolent marches, protests, teach-ins and public events across the nation in every state. To build toward September we are hosting monthly national conference calls and doing systematic outreach across the country. We want this unprecedented week of active nonviolence to grow, so we need your help!
  • Nonviolent Cities. People in over fifty cities are now pursuing the vision of their local community as a “Nonviolent City,” thanks to this program Pace e Bene launched last year.
  • Nonviolence Education. We are spreading the lesson and methods of nonviolent change through nonviolence trainings, books, resources, social media and public speaking.

At the same time, Pace e Bene continues actively working with the global movement calling on Pope Francis to share with the world an encyclical on nonviolence.  In a great first step following last April’s conference in Rome that we helped organize, the pope recently issued his annual World Day of Peace message, which, for the very first time, was on the theme of nonviolence.

Pace e Bene is small, yet like the yeast in the famous Gospel parable, we seek to transform our culture and world by teaching and organizing nonviolence. We promote creative nonviolence against all odds and with your support, we keep on keeping on.

But we do need your help.  Please pray for us, spread our message, organize events during the Campaign Nonviolence week of action, and do what you can to build the grassroots movement for justice, disarmament and democracy.

And please give what you can.

Living Peace book cover largePlease consider making a tax-deductible donation here, or increasing your donation level if you give monthly.   If you are able to make a donation of $100 or more or a $10 monthly recurring donation we will be happy to send you a copy of my book  Living Peace: A Spirituality of Contemplation and Action.  This is the original 2001 hardback edition, a spiritual handbook for readers who seek to make peace in their lives and in the world. The need for this work of nonviolence is greater than ever, and we can’t do it without you. We count on your support.

Thank you for your prayers, support and generosity. May the God of peace bless us all.

With blessings of peace,

Rev. John Dear


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