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Read the Notes From the March CNV Conference Call!

Posted by Ryan Hall

On March 28th we held our monthly National Campaign Nonviolence Conference Call.  We heard from CNV Action organizers planning events during the Week of Actions Sept. 16-24, 2017.  If you missed the call, you can read the notes or listen to the audio below. The next call is scheduled for April 25th, mark you calendars today and RSVP here!

Campaign Nonviolence National Organizing Conference Call
March 28, 2017, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern (60 minutes)

Facilitator: Ken Butigan


  • Welcome – Ken Butigan
  • Centering- Veronica Pelicaric
    • There must be a better way. In the midst of dead ends, moral detours. There must be a way of living humanly, of obeying one’s space, of remaining sensitive and firm, thoughtful and courageous, of healing and being healed, of standing somewhere in the honored praise. -Daniel Berrigan
  • Roll Call  – Ryan Hall read the list of people on the call.


  • Ken shared the CNV plan going forward and through 2018.
    • CNV was launched in 2014 marked with nonviolent actions like rallys, marches, demonstrations, interfaith events.  We had 240 events in all 50 states and several other countries, and in 2015 we had 370 events take place. Last Sept 2016 758 events took place throughout the US and in 20 nations around the world.  Ken felt that these past events have been preparing us for the time we are currently in.  CNV is now commencing an 18 month effort focused on organizing goodness for a culture of peace and nonviolence.  This effort will focus on peace for all, a healthy planet for all, economic equality for all, nonviolent solutions for all.  
    • Ken said we at CNV reflected on Erica Chenoweth’s work which suggests that if a movement is able to alert, educate, mobilize, activate and organize 3.5% of the population you can create systemic change and that nonviolent change is twice as effective as violent ones.  While we may not be the largest organization we felt that we could play a part in building this movement.  Many groups have started connecting the dots nowadays too which is what CNV started doing from 2014.  For CNV we figured that we need to deepen our work even more including with the Nonviolent Cities Project, and our nonviolence trainings and webinars.  
    • The 18 month effort will work toward a convergence in Washington DC and call our country to a new direction.  This would not be an electoral strategy necessarily, but may play an effort towards the 2018 Congressional elections for a new direction.  
    • As we work to build this plan, we  are working to get 1000 CNV Action this coming September 16-24, 2017. If you know you are planning an action, let us know here. Knowing if you are planning an action early helps us build momentum for the week of actions.

Large Group Discussion:  Participants shared their plans for the CNV Week of Actions

  • Angela Parker in California:   She works with the Marin peace and justice center and said they are working on issues related to compassion and grief.  She felt that we need to foster more communication with those whom we disagree with too. They will also be doing forgiveness workshops, nonviolence trainings and silent healing circles in September.  She said that given our current polarized climate we need more compassion, forgiveness and listening.
  • Marcina Hale in New York:  She is with a group called ReConsider and stressed the importance of partnerships with other groups.  She said they did a whole week of workshops in Kansas City recently that was very inspiring.  She hopes more groups can start working and coordinating together.  She is also involved with the release of the film Disturbing the Peace about peacemakers on both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.  She encouraged people who want to show a film during the week of actions or at other times to screen it. She said they don’t just want people to watch the film but to also get involved in the peace process afterwards and encourage discussions.
  • Ann Mbecke in California:  She wanted to know if CNV will provide opportunities for other to be involved with a subcommittee for the 2018 convergence.  She also wanted to encourage people on the call to get more young people involved in actions and workshops along with peace literacy and the work of Alternative to Violence.  
    • Ken Butigan said that in regards to a subcommittee there will be a need for many hands, but the idea is just at the beginning stage right now.  We will keep people posted as this project develops.
    • Ryan Hall said that in regards to youth involvement he’s seen numerous groups around the country get young people involved in actions, but knows we have more work to do to get them more involved.  We also need to create more partnerships with youth groups.
  • Ken Butigan shared that the phrase and theme “Organizing Goodness” really speaks to him.  We need more good in the world. He encouraged people to meditate on that phrase as we move forward.
  • Ruth Ann Angus in California:   She is working to start the Nonviolent Cities project and wants to know how to reach out to people in her area.  Ryan said that she could just email him and he can find those connections in her area that are on our list.  He also said that we are planning another NV Cities Conference Call on May 9th which we will start promoting soon too.
  • Wally Inglis in Hawaii: Wally mentioned that John Dear came to speak to their group recently and helped spike their attendance and Wally also encouraged people to invite John to speak to their groups as well. Email Pace e Bene if you’re interested to bring in John Dear!  Wally also mentioned that they want to try to do some kind of march in September too.
  • Elizabeth Sarfaty in New York: For September, she is planning a library peace corner where people donate books on peace, they are also doing a poetry contest, photography contest and poster contest.  They will be putting this out to schools and other community groups too.  Ryan thanked her for her yearly sidewalk action even if she is just one person!
  • Katy O’Neil in Scotland:  She is inspired by CNV and currently looking to figure out what her action will be in September.  She’s interested in personal nonviolence and compassion as well and involving her peace and justice center locally.  She asked for advice on how to start her campaign in Scotland. Ryan suggested that Katy contact Ryan later to help her brainstorm some ideas.  
  • Sue Woodling in North Carolina:  They are in their third year of actions.  They are bringing in more peace activists under their umbrella and are becoming more organized.  They just finished a weekend with a speaker from Palestine as well.  For September they are planning a letter to the president to pledge no first use of nuclear weapons and have clergy across the state sign it.   They are also working with groups on restorative justice and doing a workshop on environmental justice.  They are hoping to get a county commissioner to work on presenting an affordable housing workshop.  They are trying to get people to sign a pledge for nonviolence and a poetry contest as well.   They are looking at possibly doing some street theater too.  They have formed what they are calling the Third Tuesday where they do a peace event each month.  
  • Sherri Maurin in California:   Sherri suggested that people connect with Elliot Adams to do Bystander Intervention Trainings. This is all about intervening in a compassionate way when you see injustice happening. Sherri also said that on April 4th is the 50th anniversary of the MLK Vietnam speech.  That speech is directly in line with what is happening today.  This April 4th will kick off a year long event to share that speech publically.  They have scripts and flyers developed too.  If you’d like to learn more email Sherri or Pace e Bene.
    • Ryan mentioned that Bystander trainings are really important and that a number of them were listed on our Nonviolence Training Hub around the inauguration too
  • Marcina Hale in New York:  She asked if there will be notes for this conference call.  Ryan said that we post the notes and audio every month on our blog and if you want to reach out to anyone you heard on this call just contact us at Pace e Bene.


  • Ken Butigan said that he really appreciated those who shared on this call.  He encouraged people to really value the work we are doing together.  We need more compassion and nonviolence.  He also invited people to really reflect on the idea of Organizing Goodness too.
  • Join the next call on April 25th!  RSVP Here

Closing: 2 Min.

Veronica Pelicaric reads the CNV Pledge! – Sign the Campaign Nonviolence Pledge if you haven’t done so yet!

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