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John Dear Speaks to Group near Sandia Nuclear Labs

Posted by Ryan Hall

John Dear recently spent the day near Sandia Nuclear labs in New Mexico. One of the attendees, Lisa Sharon Harper recorded John’s talk there as well. She wrote on Facebook the following message with the video:

John “took a bunch of us justice speaker-writer types from #RedLetterChristians to the Sandia Nuclear labs in NM. This is the site of the Manhattan Project; where they built the atom bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today, beneath this cracked and barren earth, tucked inside these hollowed out mountains sits the largest stock pile of nuclear bombs in the world.

‘This is the end of the world,’ Father Dear said. And he meant it. There are enough weapons here to END Earth. And if America ever launches a nuclear bomb, it is likely that it will come from this place.’

The earth bares witness. It is dead. Its straggly bushes almost reach up and out from desolation in desperation. It is forsaken.

Cancer levels are astronomical in nearby Pueblo Indian communities after nuclear waste was dumped on their land.

Meanwhile billionaires connected with the plant live further away, in the hills.

They profit off the obscene budget allocated to building weapons of mass destruction, rather than providing every school in the US with BOOKS.

… Rather than making sure no child ever faces a day of school with hunger pangs in their stomach.

… Rather than fully funding post-secondary education to increase opportunity for all.

I walked this land and wept—twice.

These are the only words that would come to me.

“Lord, have mercy… Christ, have mercy… Lord, have mercy.”

See other photos from the event here:

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