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Hip Hop Caucus Presents Think 100%, a Climate Change Radio Show

Posted by Erin Bechtol

Hip Hop Caucus’ Think 100% is changing how people are getting engaged in the fight for climate justice and the environmental movement with a radio show hosted by founder—and Pace e Bene board member—Rev. Lennox Yearwood. Check out the info from Hip Hop Caucus below to see what this podcast is all about.


Our communities and planet have never needed us to succeed more than now. In order to solve climate change and create a more just and sustainable planet for all, we must break down the silos that exist between movements, organizations, and communities to expand our base of educated and committed individuals who are mobilizing and organizing to demand climate action from our elected leaders, businesses, and institutions. To do this, we must continue to get better at communicating effectively to diverse audiences.

Quick breakdown by the numbers since launch on March 13, 2018:


Think 100% will hit the road throughout the country in fall of 2018 to highlight grassroots movements, environmental injustices, and solutions to climate change. The roadshow will be a recording of the Think 100% Show with our co-hosts and special guests in front of live audiences. The road show events will be in local communities in front of audiences of 100 – 200 community leaders. We plan to host four Think 100% roadshows in 2018.

Heads up! You don’t want to miss the next episode of Think 100%, The Coolest Show on Climate Change. Join us live Tuesday from 6-7pm ET – stream online at or tune in to 89.3 FM on the radio if you are in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

In Episode 14, we’re delighted to be joined by United States Senator Jeff Merkley (OR). He’ll be breaking down where we’re at with the political gridlock in Washington and explain what this means when it comes to protecting clean air and water, and fighting climate change.

We’re also going to discuss the landmark legislation to transition the United States to 100% Clean Energy by 2050 that the Senator introduced last year. Our co-host, Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, was quoted in the original press release from the Senator’s office, saying that the piece of legislation “begins to lay the foundation for moving our most vulnerable communities from ‘Surviving to Thriving.'”

Also joining us for Episode 14 is Astrid Caldas, Senior Climate Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Astrid helped author a new report that reveals that by the end of the century, homes and businesses currently worth more than $1 trillion could be at risk from sea-level rise caused by climate change. She’s joining us to explain what this means for our most vulnerable communities, who are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Check out the press release on the new report here.

Be sure to check out exciting highlight and segment videos from the show on the Think 100% YouTube playlist!

-Rev. Yearwood

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