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A Radical Prayer for Equality

Posted by Erin Bechtol

Radical Prayers: On Peace, Love, and Nonviolence is a guide to daily connection to God through prayers that meditate on the challenges facing us today. With reflections on each continent, wildlife, and homelessness among many more topics, John Dear guides us through a holistic view of our world and the steps we can take to find nonviolence in every aspect of our lives. Read on below for an excerpt from the book, available here.

Help Us Abolish Racism and Sexism and See Everyone as a Sister and Brother


Dear God,

You are our compassionate father,
our loving mother,
our guiding spirit.
You enjoyed creating us in beautiful diversity.
Help us to welcome that diversity,
to celebrate human variety,
and to honor everyone in their lovely difference.

If we love everyone as they are
in all their beauty and diversity,
we catch a glimpse of you.

Thank you, God of peace,
for making us in all our beautiful diversity.
Help us to renounce prejudice and discrimination
and abolish racism that we might see everyone
as our beloved sisters and brothers.

Give the human family a new grace—
the grace of naming the stupidity
and ignorance of racism,
the wisdom to uphold the dignity and beauty
of every human being,
and the insight to see your beauty in one another,
especially those who are different.

You created us as men and women,
and gave us the gift of gender and sexuality.
Please help men to renounce and abolish sexism
once and for always,
that men might treat women as equals
everywhere around the world from now on,
that women might claim their dignity,
that men might become more nonviolent and humble
and women might be more empowered.

Give the human family a new grace—
the grace of living equality between the genders,
in every corner of the planet,
so that men and women might live around the world
as nonviolent brothers and sisters,
your beloved children,
as you intended us to live.

In our diversity, help us to accept everyone
with unconditional nonviolent love—
those of different religions,
different sexual orientations,
different nations,
different ages,
and different races.

Give the human family a new grace—
the grace of honoring every human being
as a beloved sister and brother,
that everyone might claim their dignity
as your beloved daughter and son,
that together we might welcome
your nonviolent reign of peace.


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