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Read the Notes from the August CNV Conference Call!

Posted by Erin Bechtol

On August 23rd we held our monthly National Campaign Nonviolence Conference Call.  We discussed the events coming up during the Week of Actions Sept. 15-23, 2018.  If you missed the call, you can read the notes or listen to the audio below. This was our last organizing call for the year.

Campaign Nonviolence National Organizing Conference Call
August 23, 2018 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern (60 minutes)


Facilitator: Ken Butigan

Introduction: 2 min.

  • Welcome – Ken Butigan
  • Centering- Veronica Pelicaric, “We know that peace is only possible when it is the fruit of justice. True peace is a profound transformation by means of the force of nonviolence that is the power of love.” Adolfo Perez Esquivel
  • Roll Call  – Ryan Hall reads the list of people on the call.

Updates: 5 min.

  • Ken Butigan provides CNV Action and DC Convergence updates
    • CNV launched in 2014 with the vision of connecting the dots between many issues and moving forward towards a vision of peace, justice, and nonviolence. First year, the week of actions included 240 events. Currently scheduled for 2360 events during the week of actions this year. It’s growing so much that it is becoming mainstream. Remember to register your events with us.
    • The centerpiece of our efforts this year is The Moment of Truth, September 21-22, 2018. This will be the first march from the MLK statue to the White House.
  • Lindsay Mitnik shares about her outreach efforts.
    • Getting updates daily from people. Stresses that now that she’s done outreach to organizers, it is important for organizers to reach out to their communities. Utilize your network (friends, community, other peace and justice groups) and be sure to saturate your outlets with information. Include facebook, social media, newspapers, etc. If you need assistance, reach out to Lindsay.
  • Carl Gibson shares about Social media/photos
    • The work we are doing is historic. To maximize the work, amplify your message with social media. Use the “insights” tab on your group’s facebook page to check your metrics. Do what you can to raise your page reach before the Week of Actions so more people see your message. Post content that is relevant, engaging, and exciting to reach people beyond the number of people who like your page.
    • Best practices for social media and photos:
      • Designate somebody to be the official photographer/videographer. Pick someone who has a good camera/phone with a good camera. Even with minimal technology, you can use a library card to check out equipment for the day (reserve in advance just in case) to capture the events.
      • In each photo, fill the frame with your subject (people at the action, for example).
      • Be sure to include people’s faces to engage your viewers.
      • Shoot from high up to get the whole crowd if you have a big group.
      • Shoot in the right light — Check that images are clear, not out of focus (too dark) or washed out (too bright).
      • Capture people who are animated and excited.
      • Use the hashtag #MomentOfTruth and #TheMomentOfTruth when you take pictures so Carl can share your pictures across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If we get enough pictures posted with these hashtags, we can get the event trending nationally and spread the message from our communities around the world.
  • George Martin shares about his outreach to larger organizations
    • United Peace and Justice put out an article about the week of actions. The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice comprises about 170 groups across the state who have also endorsed the WOA and are going to do some work to spread the word.

CNV Action Organizer Reports – 45 min (Ryan):   

  • Bob Estes, Arkansas
    • Fourth year of Peace Fest, and this year they are providing nonviolence training and peace training in the Little Rock school system. Have developed a curriculum for the elementary schools in town. Can potentially reach 10,000 students and really broadens the reach of of their work. Will also have a Youth Peace Summit for middle school and high school students. This Sunday they will have a preview of peace week for the local media. At the moment 25 events are planned, not counting individual schools holding trainings.
  • Sr. Emily Devine, Iowa
    • Working with the Sisters of Mercy and the Regis Middle School, connecting peace pole to peace pole. Working to include the high school as well to bring peace forward.
  • Concetta Smart, Illinois
    • Working with partners to connect with the Peace Alliance and US Department of Peacebuilding. Trying to amplify voices in Illinois for people who can’t make it all the way to DC. Working on the advocacy days for Peace Alliance, sending out information throughout their network. Also working with Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi Illinois to spread the information about the week of actions through the churches. Were planning on stopping the Trump military parade, but are taking that effort to keep supporting other groups and their work in the region.
  • Brian Winter, New Hampshire with Fast for Peace
    • Fast for Peace is a monthly 24 hour water fast for truth and nonviolence. Come together to support each other’s projects in a Gandhian fashion. This is an opportunity for people all over the country to get involved even if they can’t make it to DC to get involved in person.
  • Joanne McGarry, California
    • Umbrellas of Understanding — two chairs, two umbrellas, two people, two minutes. People sit down, one chair for understanding, one chair to be understood. People who know each other can use it, or people who don’t know each other can take the opportunity to be heard by someone new. A peaceful way for people who don’t agree to practice hearing each other. It has been used to discuss topics like taking a knee during the anthem and had great results.
  • Gabriela Hofmeyer, California
    • Worked with Phillip Zimbardo last year. This year working with Beto O’Rourke about his commitment to nonviolence during this time. Will hold a peacemakers conference with the Western Institute for Social Research and others.
  • Wally Inglis, Hawaii
    • Events happening on three different islands including two public vigils, Festival of Resistance, and sending people to the Convergence in DC.
  • Jane Baker and Catherine Kreuter, Utah
    • Drum concert (formerly Beat the Drum to Beat the Bomb) for the fifth year in Salt Lake City. Will be four hours and include four drumming groups of different backgrounds (Native American, Hindu, etc.). Each of the first four years, it has rained — in the desert — during the drum concert. Hoping that this time the rain will hold off until after the concert.

DC Convergence Questions

  • Ryan asked those on the call who is planning to come to DC? – 6 people raised their hands.
  • Ryan asked, what do you think we could still do to help us get others to join us in DC?
    • Wendy suggests inviting bishops/Catholic hierarchy in your diocese to your events to make nonviolence more accessible to the church.
    • Alfrieda suggests reaching out to campus ministries at local universities. Do what you can to help undergraduates get to the convergence.
    • Email with more suggestions and ideas.

Conclusion: 2 min.

  • Ken offer closing remarks.
    • Encourage your organizations and your contacts at larger organizations to get involved and join us in DC. We are trying to build the kind of world that someone like George Martin, who will be speaking in DC at the convergence, has been advocating for for years: the kind of world where everyone counts that cares for the wellbeing of all. Taking action locally has a powerful impact which is compounded by joining together for the Moment of Truth in DC.

Closing: 1 Min.


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