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Join the Fast for Peace during Action Week

Posted by Ryan Hall

The upcoming Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions now has over 2600 actions and events listed for a culture of nonviolence to end war, poverty, racism and environmental destruction.  Some events are focused on more personal efforts to create a peaceful world like the  Check out their event and join in! invites all adults who are able to participate in a monthly fast for peace. Inspired by Mohandas Gandhi’s lessons, the fast for peace is any 24 hours without food (water only) centered on the 15th of each month. (Dinner-to-dinner fasts are common.) It’s an open invitation to people of every class, color, and creed; a shared experience that encourages both internal, individual peace, as well as external, community peace.

Activists of all stripes can work on their own causes and issues full time, and once a month, fast in solidarity with others around the globe under a Gandhian umbrella of truth and nonviolence, tolerance for others, voluntary temperance, simplicity, and self-reliance. also asks people to donate the money they save on food to help others; September’s promoted cause is the National Prison Strike, which has been generating press coverage. Although the organizers aren’t fully committed to nonviolence, they are using nonviolent noncooperation in the Gandhian tradition during the strike. We want to encourage that, as well as show support for changing the very broken criminal justice system.

Subscribers to the newsletter are also invited to participate in a group chat on the 15th and take a post-fast survey on various peace issues. Gandhi may not have known the science behind the health benefits of a 24-hour water fast like we do today, but he knew that when hundreds of thousands of people fasted together, it made individuals and nations nobler. Please join us for the next #fastforpeace on Saturday, September 15, which also kicks off Campaign Nonviolence 2018 Week of Actions.

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