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Connect the Dots

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Resources for ending war, poverty, racism and the climate crisis

For decades many campaigns and movements have been working to end specific wars and the institution of war itself, eliminate the scourge of poverty and racism, and stop the destruction of the planet.  Each of these has been incalculably important.  At the same time, Campaign Nonviolence believes it is time to connect these historic efforts in a new and powerful way.

War, poverty, racism and environmental destruction are not separate realities.  They are interrelated dimensions of the growing global crisis of violence and injustice.  Making headway on any one of these monumental challenges requires making headway on all of them.  Hence the need for these historically separate movements to join forces in a long-term, comprehensive movement to alert, educate, win and mobilize people power everywhere for change.

Campaign Nonviolence invites individuals and organizations to connect the dots between war, poverty, racism and the climate crisis—and then to connect the dots between individuals, campaigns and movements that have often been working separately for peace, economic equality, and eco-justice.  We urge you to meet with people in your town, city, region or state who have been working on these issues—and collaborate in building a movement that makes these connections and supports forward motion toward creating concrete policy shifts toward a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Here are key organizations and movements that have been working in some of these areas.  Get to know them – and help connect the dots!

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