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Campaign Nonviolence Goals

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Campaign Nonviolence’s long-term goal is to build a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, climate crisis, and the epidemic of violence.

To launch this movement, over 230 nonviolent actions took place September 21-27, 2014 and 370 actions September 20-27, 2015 in cities and states across the US and beyond taking a stand against all violence and calling for concrete first steps toward peace, economic justice, healing the earth, and mainstreaming active nonviolence. These first steps include:

  • An international treaty for swift, verifiable action to reverse climate change
  • Ending the military drone program
  • Establishing a $15 minimum wage for all
  • K-12 nonviolence education everywhere, and
  • Practicing nonviolence toward ourselves, toward all others, and toward the planet

We are joining our voices with people everywhere working on many other dimensions of a culture of peace, including these:

Mainstream Nonviolence

  • Practicing nonviolence for personal and social change
  • Peacebuilding teams, centers and training facilities everywhere
  • Nonviolence visibility projects
  • Nonviolent movement building and spreading nonviolent resources

Reverse Climate Change

  • US commitment to climate change treaty
  • Dramatic increase in renewable energy funding
  • Deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • No permit for KXL pipeline
  • End fracking
  • Stop strip mining
  • End destruction of habitat and the biosphere


  • Full employment
  • Living wage for all
  • Eradicate child hunger
  • Equal access to quality public education
  • Health care for all
  • 2% of US budget to end world poverty and hunger
  • Increased US support for the UN Millenium Goals


  • Cut US military budget; base foreign policy on international law
  • Abolish nuclear weapons
  • Ban military drones
  • Close Guantánamo
  • End militarization of schools
  • Close the School of the Americas
  • Stop massive data collection on the public; increase transparency

Challenge All Violence

  • Challenge the belief in violence
  • Expand all efforts to dismantle racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of oppression
  • Stop police brutality
  • End gun violence
  • End the death penalty
  • Stop gender violence
  • Reform immigration policy
  • Address many other forms of violence

Marching for a Culture of Peace arrow

Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions: September 18-25, 2016

In cities and towns in all 50 states, Campaign Nonviolence will march against violence and for a world of peace, justice and sustainability.   During Campaign Nonviolence Week, we will connect the dots between war, poverty, climate change, and all forms of violence —and join forces to work for a culture of peace.  Plan a march and other nonviolent actions such as vigils, rallies and more! Learn more here.

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