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Using mainstream media and social media, Campaign Nonviolence will implement a comprehensive media strategy that will raise the visibility of these hundreds of local nonviolent actions and frame them as part of a national mobilization. As part of this effort, we need your help!

Use social media to raise the visibility of your action—and contact your local press (TV, radio, blogs and newspaper) to do this as well! As the date approaches, we will send you a sample press release that you can use or adapt to spread the news to your local media outlets. Read our social media tips to help spread the word today!

You can stay up to date with us by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

Here are 10 Steps for local CNV Press Work!

Join the Campaign Nonviolence Social Media Happy Hour

Here is a sample Press Release for your local action!

Here are tips on doing traditional media outreach in your community, created by MercyCorps!



Create a Facebook event page for your local action (you can use our national event page from 2014 as a template for your local event page).

Post a link to your local event on:

Change your Facebook profile to this image in September.

Change your Facebook cover photo to this image in September.



Tweet your action! Visit the CNV page on Twitter here. You can use the following hashags: #CNV or #CampaignNonviolence.

This is an easy way for people to search for images from the day and reshare them. Other popular hashtag to use include #peace, #nonviolence, #activist, #CNV, #climate, #Nokxl, #notpp,” etc.


Photo Campaign

In social media, people pay most attention to pictures and graphics. Please take a moment during our week of actions to take a picture of yourself with the CNV graphic/logo and a few words on why mainstreaming nonviolence is important to you. Then post it to your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts!

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