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  • Civil Rights Stories Project: Personal Memories of those living through the Southern Freedom Movement

  • A Force More Powerful: Documentaries of nonviolent movements in US Civil Rights, Gandhi in India

  • Billboard from Bethlehem: Combatants for Peace (former Israeli soldiers refusing to fight and Palestinian former fighters joining in nonviolent movement) interviewed and bringing together Israeli and Palestinian children

  • Bullied: Gay high school student fights public school’s failure to protect him from abuse in school bullying through landmark court case. His life, and interviews..

  • The Shadow of Hate: A History of Intolerance in America Teaching Tolerance film VHS

  • Soldiers of Conscience: Interviews with Soldiers in US Armed Services who decide to become conscientious objectors as they reconcile their faith lives with service.

  • Mighty Times: The Children’s March: Civil Rights Movement in America Teaching Tolerance Film VHS

  • The Power of Forgiveness: The choice of forgiveness over revenge,lives of those who have chosen forgiveness.

  • Triangle Fire: History

  • Veterans of Hope Film Series: Interviews of Civil Rights Elders and Activists

  • Anne Braden: Organizing the Other America: interview andstory of her racial consciousness transformation, and her teaching white citizens about white privilege and racism

  • Bernice Johnson Reagon: The Singing Warrior: Interview about her civil rights activism, racial justice and song.

  • Voices in Wartime: interviews and documentary about war, military education and the voices of poets against wars through American history.

  • 9500 Liberty: Story of Manessa, Virginia’s immigration laws and debate: how it both divided the community with fear and hate, then how the community worked to overturn racial profiling and dehumanization.

  • Welcome to Shelbyville: Immigration Documentary

  • We Still Live Here: Wampanoag Native Americans revive their language and community

  • Julia Butterfly Hill: Adventures of a Tree-Sitter

  • Sir No Sir: The Long Suppressed Story of the GI VietnamWar Resistance Movement

  • Juan Melendez 6446: Death Penalty Abolitionist

  • The Empty Chair: Death Penalty Advocates and Abolitionists

  • Why We Fight

  • The Loving Story of Civil Rights and Wrongs: Fred Koramatsu story

  • The Economics of Happiness

  • The Welcome

  • America and The Holocaust

  • Encounter Point

  • Lives Worth Living: The Great Fight for DisabilityRights

  • MLK: A Call to Conscience

  • Beyond Vietnam speech

  • The Children’s March

  • Butterly: Julia Butterfly Hill

  • In Light of Reverence

  • The Whale

  • Eyes on the Prize: 1967-1968

  • At the Death House Door

  • American Revolutionary: Grace Lee Boggs

  • Bidder 70

  • Spying on the Home Front

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