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See below for host responsibilities, fees and other logistics. To inquire about a speaking event please email us at or call 510-268-8765. Be sure to let us know some dates you are thinking of, speaking topics you’re interested in and any specific speaker you’d like.

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Secure a Venue

It is the responsibility of the host to provide venue arrangements, setting the time, location, and equipment for the event. It is up to the host to choose the most beneficial location for the event (i.e. sometimes churches or schools may provide the space free of charge, but other times they require a rental fee). The host will assume the cost if there is one.



It is the responsibility of the host to publicize the event in your local community and also do outreach to the local media. Pace e Bene will help publicize the event through its website, email outreach and social media. It can also provide images and other flyer information at your request.


Assist with Resource Sales

Generally, we ask that the host provide a person to staff a table to sell Pace e Bene resources (books, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, cards, etc.). Depending upon the location, Pace e Bene may be able to provide someone to fill this role.


Circulate Sign-Up Sheets

Pace e Bene will provide the host with blank sets of the Pace e Bene free e-newsletter signup sheets. Putting one on each seat works best, though they can also be distributed during the event. Please arrange to send completed sheets to Pace e Bene after the event.

Fees and Logistics arrow

  • Housing. Hosting a Pace e Bene workshop or speaking event typically includes a program fee, travel expenses, and hospitality for the presenter(s).
  • Program Fee. Pace e Bene has a standard fee schedule for speaking or workshops events. Click here to see our PDF for those fees or contact us to inquire more about this.
  • We'll help. Pace e Bene will work with groups to explore how to meet these expenses (partnering with other organizations, seeking funding to subsidize all or part of these expenses, setting the ticket or registration fee, taking a freewill offering at the event, etc.). Pace e Bene exists to spread the power of active nonviolence, and therefore will work to ensure that if a group wants to host a Pace e Bene program, a way to do this will be found. In some cases, this means working with the group to reduce the standard fee, depending on the size of its annual budget and limited resources.
  • Travel expenses. Travel expenses, including airfare if required, are the responsibility of the host. It can be shared with other hosts if there are multiple events during the course of the trip. Transportation to and from the airport must also be provided.
  • Hospitality. This includes meals and lodging when necessary for the workshop facilitator or speaker. If an overnight stay is necessary, it is the responsibility of the host. This can be a home stay. Generally speaking, it does not need to be a hotel.
  • Next steps.Once the host has made a commitment to sponsor a Pace e Bene workshop or speaking event, Pace e Bene will confirm with the host the exact schedule and fees, then send the host a written contract, which must be signed and returned to Pace e Bene. Pace e Bene will work with the host to make sure that the event best meets the needs of your organization.

For information about fees, logistics and any other information please contact Ryan Hall at 510-268-8765 or

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