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The Sun Also Tweets: Cranking out Books while Spreading CNV

Posted by Ken Butigan

Rivera Sun is a novelist, essayist, dancer, actor, radio host and organizer. At the same time, she and Dariel Garner have been working overtime spreading Campaign Nonviolence since last March to the far reaches of the social media universe.

We at CNV are deeply grateful. Rivera’s relentless work to flood Facebook and Twitter with stories, photos, memes, and powerful insights on Campaign Nonviolence has made an incalculably significant contribution to this long-term effort to mainstream nonviolence and to foster a culture of peace free from war, poverty, the climate crisis, and the epidemic violence. You can see her work here and here!

But we are also deeply perplexed. How does she manage to catapult scores of zinging posts daily onto Facebook and Twitter, while at the same time churning out one great book after another—as well as everything else she does? We were on a conference call this afternoon and she off-handedly mentioned that she was in the last lap of finishing her latest novel, while also packing her living room to the gills with hundreds of pounds of winter squash that she and Garner had planted to feed the community in Northern New Mexico.

Besides, her last novel, The Dandelion Insurrection, came out just last year.

And what a novel it is. Not only does it hum with literary artistry, it envisions a nonviolent people-power revolution that can pry us out of the straitjacketed labyrinth of a world seething with violence and injustice. This entrancing story revels in the power of a tsunami of nonviolence just waiting to be unleashed.

As Tom Hastings, a professor and activist has written of this novel, “Can nonviolence save the US? Can we ever imagine that brown, black, white, red Americans could band together and end the slide into a corporatacracy of violence and destructive extraction? Hint: Yes, and this story is the first realistic version. Sun uses the knowledge generated by the Civil Rights Movement, Gandhian actions, the Serb revolution, Cesar Chavez, Arab Spring, Serpaj, the color revolutions, Gene Sharp, Stephen Zunes, Hardy Merriman, Jack DuVall, Maria Stephan, and Erica Chenoweth, without every once straying into pedantic hortatory.”

Sun is able to turn loose a coterie of characters from the spangled galaxy of her mind onto the virtual page, even as she is spilling out into the social media world insights about Campaign Nonviolence packed into 140 characters at a time. Her pinging messages and incantations are trying, in yet another medium, to spark a nonviolent revolution in this all too real and fragile and sacred world that, unbeknownst to most of us, is teetering on the edge of change.

But, of course, there’s even more to Rivera Sun than the novels and the Campaign Nonviolence postings. She has a theater company. She churns out interviews on Occupy Radio. And she organizes a growing network called Love in Action.

So, get to know Rivera, including her virtually hourly installments on the Campaign Nonviolence Facebook Page and Twitter account.

And discover her writing. There is no better place to start than The Dandelion Insurrection. As Hasting implores: “Get it. Give it. Lift it, hold it, blow its seeds to the winds of your social surroundings and allow the knowledge to ride wherever, to sprout all around us. Secret: you can get a signed copy by skipping the giant corporate bookstores and dealing directly:”

Finally, plan to meet Rivera Sun this spring during her upcoming a national speaking, workshop and action tour.  Click here to see the cities now in the works.

Thank you, Rivera, for spreading your magic for a world where everyone maters.

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