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Goma Town Congo Celebrates Peace Day!

Posted by Ryan Hall

By Marie Jeanne Munanga Hamuli with ALARM CONGO

First day, September 20, 2016.

As a Ministry dealing with Leadership, Peace Building and Transforming Communities, ALARM Congo joined with us in partnership with Peace One day. For this reason, ALARM Congo planned to intensify activities of promoting Peace during this week of Peace One day.

The first activity was organized at ALLIANCE FRANCAISE where ALARM invited different group of choirs and from different denominations to demonstrate their songs on Peace.

Also, since youth can be manipulated and used by politicians to make troubles and killings, youth from many church were invited to receive the Message of peace through songs as well as God’s Word and the thoughts from people experiencing peace: Sister Theresa, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela.

Second Day,  September 21, 2016

The second day was to be with students at the secondary school. For that reason, all ALARM Staff, the student from Rutoboko Institute as well as the chaplain, the teachers and the head master gathered at the ground of Rutoboko institute.

Marie Jeanne Munanga Hamuli, ALARM Congo Country director, reminded us that the reason why we were gathering at the place at that moment. It is because of Peace One day. She reminded also that we are celebrating this day when our country is passing through a violent situation, especially in our Capital city: Kinshasa.  She continued telling us that it is sad to hear that situation but it is also an opportunity to tell people, especially the youth to avoid violence and to become Peacemakers.

Theophile Kanyabugoyi, developing servant leadership Coordinator at ALARM, came back to King David’s behavior before his main enemy King Saul.

Theophile invited all the participants to be like King David in order to create and to build Peace in Classroom, at school, at home, in the venue and that peace can spread in the whole country and in the world.

In conclusion, Theophile reminded us that God’s word says: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” Matthew 5: 9

After the teachings on Peace, participants made circles, joining their hands, the sign of love and living together without division. And after that, the participants could read messages with the following sayings: We need Peace, Peace is richness, Together we can broke the circle of violence, Peace is synonym of development, With peace we can go ahead with our school.

As planned, ALARM Congo got time to organize peace one day with students at the university. We gathered students from six universities in Goma town:
ULPGL, UNIGOM, ISIG, ISC, Catholic University, ISDR/GL and the total
of participants were 86.

The topics developed were: Promoting Peace, preventing violence and the consequences of violence. After facilitation and debate, the students in small group workshops wrote the following messages: We refuse manipulation, We must consider one another, The peace is only  our hope, We need peace, Without peace, there is no development, We say no for the violence against women, We say no for the exploitation of children, We say no to the modification of constitution, Most welcome to peace cohabitation of ethnic groups.

During the week of Peace ALARM Congo got opportunity to gather women at the Brenda Tailoring Center to tell them about the importance of Peace. (BRENDA is the ALARM Congo Tailoring project in the Transforming Communities Program.

In fact those women were selected from different denominations of churches and ALARM trained them in sewing so that they may be able to sustain their life instead of begging.

First, we shared with those ladies God’s word from Romans 12: 17- 21. The passage calls people to live peacefully together and love one another and go beyond until loving the enemies.

After sharing God’s word, the women got time to write the message of Peace, dance and sing the song about Peace-Unity- Pacific Cohabitation, showing their joy and the need of peace in their households, their families, their country and wherever they may be.

This was the message in short: without Peace we cannot share food, we can’t even have time to dance, sing and live together. For us, CONGOLESE WOMEN WE: Need Peace; Because: Peace is HEALTH; Peace is Love; Peace is Good Maternity; Peace is DEVELOPMENT; PEACE IS LIFE; Peace is SECURITY; PEACE is EDUCATION; Peace is To live with others in Great Cohabitation.

See photos below.

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