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Clergy Standing With Standing Rock

Posted by Ryan Hall
John Dear with Ann Wright at the Standing Rock Nonviolence Training

John Dear with Ann Wright at the Standing Rock Nonviolence Training

**UPDATE: Watch a video from one of the attendees during the Nov. 3rd faith vigil here! Also, see a brief news report from a followup action that took place at the North Dakota State Capitol Building here.

If you are looking for ways to support this action, click here!

Recently a call was put out by Fr. John Floberg an Episcopalian priest in Standing Rock, ND for clergy to attend a prayer and action that will stand witness to water protector’s against the North Dakota Access Pipeline.  Campaign Nonviolence’s Rev. John Dear will be taking part in this event which includes a nonviolence training on Wednesday Nov 2nd and a prayer vigil at Standing Rock on Nov. 3rd.  Below is a portion of Fr. John Floberg’s gratitude for those attending and the press release put out on Monday. As of Wed. Nov 3rd there are close to 600 clergy attending.

Dear Friends of Standing Rock:
First of all, let me tell you how humbled I am that you have accepted the call to come to Stand With Standing Rock. We are a group made up of more than 15 faith traditions. Many of us are Christian, but certainly not all. This was a call to people that are themselves recognized within their faith communities as leaders, representatives and I would like to highlight that it is made up of examples for each of those traditions.


Standing Rock Training

For Immediate Release October 31, 2016
Peaceful, Prayerful, Lawful, Non-Violent Witness to be made by Hundreds of Clergy from Many Faith Traditions

Last week a call was issued for Clergy to come and stand witness with the Standing Rock Nation in its protest. That protest is against the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing an area of land that is considered sacred and a concern for the Missouri River with yet another pipeline crossing it and adding to concerns that already exist in North Dakota about pipeline breaks.

As of this morning (Monday, October 31 – Reformation Day) there are three hundred clergy that have registered with us to indicate that they are coming to Stand With Standing Rock. They are coming from many faith traditions and among them many denominations that are represented throughout North Dakota. There is hardly a place in North America that isn’t somehow being represented by those that are coming for this Peaceful, Prayerful, Lawful, Non-Violent witness.

standing-rock-photos-3The Clergy and their faith communities will gather at Oceti Sakowin Camp at 9:00 am, Thursday, November 3rd. For those churches that have repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery we will do that publicly before the Indigenous People of Standing Rock and the Americas. The Niobrara Circle will form, prayers and songs will be offered in several faith traditions and our solidarity will be expressed.

Thank you.
Fr. John F. Floberg
Standing Rock Episcopal

Additionally, The clergy at Standing Rock will be standing with the Tribal leaders at the Thursday Nov. 3rd event at 9am central time. This will include a service of unity and healing and the prayer below will be read.  Fr. John Floberg asked if folks around the country can take a few minutes at that time and pray with them.

John Dear with Ann Wright at Standing Rock

John Dear with Ann Wright at Standing Rock

We pray for our family at Standing Rock.
We pray for Our Sister Water who is our life.
We pray for the healing and safety of the Water Protectors.
We pray for all those gathered at the Standing Rock camp.
We pray for those who are suffering from the trauma
Unleashed by the violence that occurred on 27 October.
We pray for traditional communities that have borne
The brunt of generations of violence, even at times,
Turning that violence on themselves and each other.
We pray for healing for the police;
For the healing for the pipeline workers;
For the bankers who fund the pipeline.
We pray for the people who are so disconnected
from their mother that they continue to injure her.
We pray for those who are on the Forgiveness Walk
on Sunday to the police station in Mandan, SD.
We pray for healing for the hatred that was
Generated on 27 October.
We acknowledge the sins of our ancestors,
the horrific acts perpetrated on our brothers and sisters
as a result of the doctrine of discovery
we ask for forgiveness and healing from our sisters and brothers
we pray for unity and oneness for all creation
Without this healing we can’t think clearly, we can’t act rightly,
and we can’t serve our Mother in the fullest manner.

Photo Credit: Photo of posters being used at the event, created by a local artist in the Twin Cities

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