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A Radical Prayer for All the Children

Posted by Erin Bechtol

Radical Prayers: On Peace, Love, and Nonviolence is a guide to daily connection to God through prayers that meditate on the challenges facing us today. With reflections on each continent, wildlife, and homelessness among many more topics, John Dear guides us through a holistic view of our world and the steps we can take to find nonviolence in every aspect of our lives. Read on below for an excerpt from the book, available here.

May No Child Ever Suffer Hunger, Cruelty, Violence, or War Ever Again


Dear God,

Thank you for children,
for every little child in the world.
I pray for them all,
for a new miracle—
that no child will ever suffer hunger,
cruelty, indifference, violence,
murder, or war ever again.

Can I ask for that, God of peace?
Is that too much?
Isn’t that your will?
Please inspire us to protect the children of the world,
that they not suffer hunger, disease,
violence, war, or cruelty,
that every child on the planet would be loved
unconditionally and nonviolently,
that a new generation of nonviolent children
grow up to become nonviolent adults
who transform the world into
a new place of nonviolence and peace.

God of peace,
please inspire parents not to harm their children,
not to hurt them,
not to strike them,
not to be violent to them.
Please give parents the grace
through a new global awareness and education
to practice unconditional love, tender compassion,
and creative nonviolence to their children.

Teach them nonviolent suffering love,
to love them even as they cry, scream, and kick,
so that their love will disarm and pacify their children,
and that love will take root in them
and give them a lifelong direction of nonviolent love.
Please disarm everyone so that no child or young adult
is ever sexually abused again.

Help us to create policies and societies
where children are revered, honored, and protected,
where the needs of every child are met,
where a climate of safety and nonviolence is created
so that children grow up in peace
and become the peacemakers you created them to be.

God of peace,
give every adult the new grace
to be nonviolent to children,
to educate children in your way of nonviolence,
and to work for a more nonviolent world
so that generations to come will live in peace
with one another and your creation.

You desire this, God of peace.
Inspire us to make it happen,
and in the process, share with us the joy
of children that we, too, might reclaim
our childlike wonder
and welcome your kingdom of love and peace
with sincere love, thanks, and joy.


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