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CNV Action-Beale Air Force Base, CA

09.29.14 @ 3:00 pm - 09.30.14 @ 8:00 am // Beale AFB, CA
Date: 9.29.2014 - 9.30.2014 09.29.14 @ 3:00 pm - 09.30.14 @ 8:00 am
Time: 3:00pm - 8:00am
Cost: $Free
Organizer: Sherri Maurin
Venue: Beale Air Force Base
City: Beale AFB, CA


Drones allow aggressors to destroy targets killing suspects extra-judicially including children & innocent people from a computer thousands of miles away! They can spy intimately on anyone including domestic surveillance or commit assassinations in defiance of international & US law! 50 nations now have drones – an expanding insane proliferation.

Vigil at Beale Air Force Base (north of Sacramento, CA)
Occupy Beale Event, Co-Sponsored by Campaign Nonviolence


Monday, September 29 (3 to 5 p.m.) to Tuesday, September 30 (6 to 8 a.m.):  Join anti-drone activists at Beale Air Force Base in a coordinated action with Campaign Nonviolence, a nationally-coordinated campaign calling for an end to war, poverty, and climate change. Come and participate in or support participation in nonviolent direct action on Tuesday morning.  This demonstration will also be a celebration of the dismissal of charges of 16 demonstrators who were arrested at Beale last April, and of our hope for and commitment to helping to bring about a peaceful, just, and environmentally sustainable world.

Monday, September 29, 2014:  We will arrive at the Wheatland Gate on South Beale Road early on Monday afternoon to put up signs & banners before the air force personnel begin their afternoon commute home. We will have a peace vigil between 3:00 and 5:00 am, then take down the banners and flags.  We will then go to the Main gate on N. Beale Road, where there is a nice grove of trees, for a potluck dinner, nonviolence training (if requested), conference to discuss our direct action, and encampment.  (For directions and other accommodations, see below.)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014:  On Tuesday morning we will get up early, pack our gear (whoever doesn’t stay at the camp site), and get to the Main Gate before 6:00 am to set up signs and banners for the morning commute of air force personnel into the base. After reviewing plans and nonviolent guidelines, there will be a nonviolent direct action around 7 am.  Some will stand in support as others participate in the action. We will wait for anyone who was arrested to be processed and released—it usually takes between 1½ to 2 hours.  After people are released, those who are able will meet at the Brick House coffee house at 316 D Street in Marysville for breakfast and to discuss what happened and make plans for future demonstrations.

More about Campaign Nonviolence:

This action at Beale is one of over 160 nonviolent actions taking place around the country, coordinated with Campaign Nonviolence, calling for an end to war, poverty and the climate crisis. Campaign Nonviolence is a long-term movement to build a culture of peace by mainstreaming active nonviolence and by joining the enduring, nonviolent struggle to abolish war, end poverty, reverse climate change, and challenge all violence.  Campaign Nonviolence invites you to practice nonviolence toward yourself, toward all others, and toward the world!  Find out more about Campaign Nonviolence at

Nonviolence Guidelines for Campaign Nonviolence actions:

• The attitude of participants will be one of openness, friendliness, and respect towards all people encountered.

• Participants will use no violence, verbal or physical, towards any person, including in reaction to violence.

• Participants will carry no weapons.

• Participants will not destroy or damage property.

• Participants will not bring or use alcohol or drugs (except for medical purposes).

• Participants will not seek to avoid the consequences of their actions.

For More Information:  Occupy Beale Website-; Facebook: Occupy Beale Air Force Base; Nevada County: 941-320-0291; Sacramento: 916-284-0944, Bay Area: (510) 215-5974,

We have traditionally car camped just outside of the Main gate on N. Beale road on Mondaynight so that we can get up early and begin our vigil at 6:00 AM. We can provide some rooms for people who prefer to sleep indoors, on couches and floors. There are several motels a few miles from the base, including Rio Inn Suites, Marysville:

Transportation: Beale Air Force Base is approximately 50 miles north of Sacramento, just a few miles east of Marysville.

If you get lost:  If you get lost on the way to Beale, call Shirley by cell phone at 941-320-0291.

Carpool:  If people prefer to carpool out to Beale, we can meet at the Brick Coffeehouse in Marysville.  Call Sharon at 530-265-5976 to arrange a carpool from the Brick at 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon or at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.  Directions to The Brick Coffeehouse from State Highway 70 W in Marysville:  Take the 3rd Street Exit (right), turn left onto D Street, to 316 D.

Other carpool options:  There is a carpool software set up here just for this event. It is very good software, used by CodePink with great success.

Directions to Beale’s Wheatland Gate, 3960 S. Beale Rd at  Ostrom Road (Monday afternoon 3 to 5 p.m.):

From Grass Valley

Take the Highway 20 Exit toward Marysville.  Go approximately 15 miles until you see the sign “to Beale Air Force Base,” then turn left onto Hammonton-Smartville Road (the name of the road is abbreviated on the sign).  After about eight miles you will pass the Doolittle gate, then in three miles or so you will get to Brophy.  Turn left onto Brophy, and take  it all the way to North Beale Road (a mile or two).  Turn right onto North Beale and go about 2 miles, turn left onto Griffin and go one mile, turn left onto Erle and go 1 or 2 miles until it turns into Virginia (ignore the sharp left turn onto Erle) and continue straight on Virginia for 2 1/2 miles, turn left onto Ostrom and go 1-2 miles to the entrance.  Park on the side of the road.

Directions to the Main (Schneider) Gate at 4875 N. Beale Rd  (Tuesday morning 6 to 8 a.m.)

From Sacramento

Take I-80 to I-5 north of Sacramento, almost immediately after leaving I-80, take
exit 525B to transfer to Hwy 99, continue 12.5. mi. and stay right to transfer onto Hwy 70, continue about 20 miles, exit at Feather River Blvd., just after the Erle Rd. exit. (Do not take the 1st Feather River Blvd. which is about 10 miles earlier!)  Note sign to Beale AFB, turn right at ramp–You’ll be facing Burger King, across the street, a good bathroom stop. If you don’t cross the intersection, turn immediately right at the light (Lindhurst Ave.) and left at 2nd light to get on N. Beale Rd. Continue on N. Beale Rd. for over 6 miles. It dead ends at the Gate Entrance. Parking on left side of Road near the gate.

From Grass Valley:

Take the Highway 20 Exit toward Marysville. Go approximately 15 miles until you see the sign “to Beale Air Force Base,” then turn left onto Hammonton-Smartville Road (the name of the road is abbreviated on the sign). After about eight miles you will pass the Doolittle gate, then in three miles or so you will get to Brophy. Turn left onto Brophy, and take it all the way to North Beale Road (a mile or two). Turn left onto North Beale and go 2 to 3 miles to the Schneider Gate. Park on the left side of the road.

Public Transportation:
There is a connection by Amtrak bus to Marysville from Sacramento and back for train users. At Marysville there is a good Marysville bus (very cheap) that will get you very close to the base. Or sign up for a carpool from the Marysville bus station (near city hall) to Beale, see below.

There is also a carpool software set up here (see above) just for this event. It is very good software, used by CodePink with great success.


For more info. /carpooling/ or to discuss Nonviolent Direct Action opportunities:

Nevada/Yuba:  Shirley  941-320-0291

Sacramento Area:  Barry  916-284-0944,

Bay Area:  Toby  510-215-5974,

Campaign Nonviolence NoCal:  Sherri  415-250-7986


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